Butyl Mastic Grey 400g



Butyl Mastic Grey 400g
- Remains permanently plastic under a smooth tough skin
- Versatile sealant with excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates without the necessity to prime
- Will not bleed into porous surfaces
- Non-sag in joints up to 12mm vertical joint
- Wide service temperature: 35 to +65C
- Excellent weathering characteristics
- Does not corrode metals
- Good water resistance
- Life expectancy is approximately 5 years in a thick joint. It is recommended to use silicone sealant in thinner joints
- Easy smoothing and clean-up with mineral turps or white spirits

Selleys Butyl Mastic is a synthetic resin, butyl rubber based mastic which forms a smooth tough skin, but remains permanently plastic underneath. It is available Off White.

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