Casio 10 digit scientific calculator



For all the college students who have to calculate hard problems every day, here is a surprise for you. Casio brings to you this FX100MS Scientific calculator to take this burden off your chest. You can simply make your entries into this calculator to find the answer to your problem.

The FX100MS is a scientific calculator which comes with a 12 digit display so that all the numbers are clearly presented to you. In addition, this Casio calculator is powered by a battery so that you can enjoy using this marvellous calculator for endless hours. This scientific calculator will be the ideal companion for all the students who are burdened by math problems. You can carry this easily portable calculator with you to your exams and solve all the hard problems with ease. Add the scientific calculator by Casio to your shopping cart and enjoy calculating hard math problems effortlessly.

2-line display
Fraction calculations
Integration calculations
Combination and Permutation
Base-n calculations / conversions
Logical operations
Complex number calculations
CALC memory
Engineering symbol calculations
9 variable memories
Comes with slide-on hard case

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