DAR 100 X 25 / 4.8 Mtr


Dressed All Round

DAR 100 X 25 / 4.8 Mtr
- Colour staining quality is unrivalled achieve any look
- Durable and high quality blonde hardwood to last a lifetime
- 100% sustainable product,
- 100% manufactured
Nothing beats the natural warmth and sense of quality that solid hardwood timber, like Dressed timber, delivers to a home.

Use Treated Dressed All Round (DAR) timber to create a naturally stunning and high quality look inside your own home.

DAR timber is timber that has been machined to a smooth finish on all four sides, making it immediately ready to use as componentry for a vast range of interior applications, such as doors, windows, cabinets, stairs, bench tops, trims/skirting, and furniture.

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