Makita Standard Hss Metal Drill Bit 4mm X 75mm -D-09709


Drill Bits

Makita Standard Hss Metal Drill Bit 4mm X 75mm -D-09709
- 135 split point prevents the bit from wandering as you drill
- Suitable for metal, and other common materials
- Sharpened edges minimise heat build-up and wear over time
Tackle all day-to-day drilling with ease with the help of Makita range of HSS Drill Bits. The tough construction of each bit makes them ideal for handling most common metal, and more around the home and workshop. The sharpened edges on each bit can help reduce cutting speed on each project, so you can get the job done faster. And to ensure each bit is around for many years to come, the sharpened edges and fully ground high-speed steel construction both protect the bit against wear and damage. For the best solution to day-to-day drilling jobs, grab yourself a pack of Makita HSS Drill Bits today.

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