Pallet Wrappers Black



Pallet Wrapper Black
- New technology means great strength at thin film gauge
- Good clarity for scanning
- Economical yet good puncture resistance
- 30-SOX Stretch
- Lightweight means easy to use, less tiring
- Less wasted film helps environment as landfill is reduced
- 50mm core
- Protects shipment from water, dirt, moisture & damage causd by excess movement.
- Maximum Stretch Film is economical, tough, and durable.
- Good adsorption for smooth surface;
- Low viscous, easy to peel
- Versatile material wraps, bundles, protects, keeps items clean
- Wrap entire furnishings, such as sofas and chairs, to keep clean and protect against moisture
- Use to wrap around dressers, entertainment centre to keep drawers and doors closed
- Sticks only to itself, no residue
- Stretch film is wrapped around pallets, boxes or bundling small items.
- It ensures safe & secure delivery of packages. 

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