PPG Sigmashield 880 Hardener 5L - 40880-BHARD/5L



PPG Sigmashield 880 Hardener 5L - 40880-BHARD/5L
- Excellent corrosion resistance - Good abrasion resistance - Resistant to well-designed cathodic protection
- Long-term protection in a single-coat application - suitable for application on exterior of buried pipes
- Suitable on wet blast or ultra-high-pressure water (UHPWW) cleaned substrates (damp or dry)
- As used by Zhenhua Heavy Industries, Co., Ltd. (ZpmC) in Nantong, China
- Available in 2200+ colours from RAL and BS
PPG SigmaShield 880 (also known as Amerlock 880) is a two-component, high-build, polyamine adduct-cured epoxy coating primarily designed for use in offshore splash zone maintenance such as pipelines, jetties, piling, etc. with outstanding sea water resistance that requires just a single coat that continues to cure when immersed in water.

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