Roller Cover 230mm-PAR0965 - CH/HCT-RC5230


Paint Rollers

Roller Cover 230mm-PAR0965 - CH/HCT-RC5230
- Industrial quality woven nylon withstands harsh solvents
- Perfect for garage and shed floors, driveways, concrete paths and paving
- Suitable for epoxy resins and all paints
The perfect roller cover for painting concrete paths, garage and shed floors, driveways and paving. Industrial, quality made woven nylon withstands harsh solvents ensuring ease of use with maximum coverage. 11mm Nap. Available in 230mm & 270mm. Woven nylon withstands harsh solvents. Best for epoxy resins and all paints. Hang them vertically or display them horizontally.

Handy Tips:
If you are painting overnight, make sure you wrap up your paint roller covers in cling wrap, so they don’t dry out. They can then be reused the next day to finish off your painting task.

When painting a room always start on the ceiling and then work your way down from there. Ceiling, walls, trims and finally doors.

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