Rondo Part # P26 - 3000mm Stopping Angles (13mmx13mmx3.0M)



Rondo Part # P26 - Stopping Angle
- Provides a strong, straight and easily installed finish.
- Perforation holes allow the jointing compound to surround the trim and form a strong bond.
- Easy to install and cut to length.
- Made of galvanised steel to provide a strong, durable and stable trim.
- Backed by the GIB warranty.
The GIB Rondo stopping angles are metal angles with perforated flange to create strong straight and tidy finishing edges to GIB plasterboard linings. The perforations ensure great bonding to the jointing compound and the solid metal flange creates a strong straight and tidy finish that can be painted as necessary. Various thickness of stopping angles are available to suit different GIB plasterboard thicknesses. An ideal alternative when the use of a stopping bead is difficult (for example when butting into a masonry wall) or for use around door jambs.

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