Ultra Wash Sanitizer Gel/Liquid 75% Alcohol 500ml Dispenser



Ultra Wash Sanitizer Gel/Liquid 75% Alcohol 500ml Dispenser
- ALOE VERA GEL - Moisturizing hand sanitizer for sensitive skin to protect your hands from drying. An antibacterial gel that feels super clean, hydrating, and refreshing. Soothes the skin while it kills 99.9% of germs. Plus, a little goes a long way. You'll need less gel than other brands.
- CONVENIENT CAR SANITIZER - Fits perfect in the console of your car. The large 16.9 ounce pump bottle makes disinfecting easy. Rub the liquid all over your hands before you leave or get into your vehicle. Soap isn't always convenient. This waterless sanitizing germ-killer is ready to use.
- 75 PERCENT ALCOHOL BASED - An antibacterial with 60% or 70% alcohol content is not as effective. Any higher content than 75% can dry and harm the skin. Choose an alcohol gel you can trust to prevent the spread and guard your health.
- NO PERFUMES ADDED - Yes, it does smell like alcohol; as it should. The scent quickly goes away. Unscented and fragrance-free means there are no stinky, smelly additives. Contains only the necessary ingredients to kill bacteria and keep your hands soft.
- WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHEN - Great for school, the classroom, teachers, and kids. Family-friendly for men, women, and children. Perfect for sports and hiking. Special occasions like parties, weddings, and Christmas. Hospitals, nurses, doctors, dentists, and frontline workers. Home, office, and work. Whether you're a germaphobe or want to be smart and protected. Keep a bottle accessible everywhere you will be.

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